The acceleration of modernization 


Modernization is an ongoing journey that evolves through a culture of continuous learning and empowerment. Equip your teams with cloud skills to deliver on their application modernization goals. An AWS Training and Certification partner can help get you there faster. 

Start by aligning your training investments to your business goals. Build a targeted training and certification plan to develop the talent you have, attract the talent you need, and retain both. Bridge the skills gap to make modernization happen. 


Technologies like serverless and containers running on the latest processors in the cloud or at the edge, are the keys to fast, secure modern applications that meet even the most challenging business demands.  

Here are two primary pathways to start modernization: 

  • Build new applications with AWS Serverless and Serverless Containers for speed and productivity. 
  • Run secure, scalable Kubernetes-based applications on the most reliable cloud provider and streamline your application management across environments 

Benefits of modern application development 

Moreover, investing in AWS Certifications promotes staff retention and helps attract talent, which helps organizations close their cloud skills gap. Among respondents with AWS Certified staff: 


Courses to accelerate modernization 

Running Containers on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) (classroom)

Large enterprises, midsize businesses, and startups are looking for the speed and agility of a managed Kubernetes service like Amazon EKS. 

Fees : RM4,800.00
Duration : 3 days
Mode : VILT , ILT


Advanced Developing on AWS (classroom)

Learn how to re-architect legacy, on-premises monolithic applications into cloud-native, microservice-driven architectures.

Fees: RM5,400-RM6,750
Duration: 3 days
Mode: VILT , ILT 


Developing Serverless Solutions on AWS (classroom)

Learn how to build, secure, deploy, and manage modern serverless applications.AWS offers technologies for running code, managing data, and integrating applications, all without managing servers.

Fees: RM5,400
Duration: 3 days
Mode: VILT , ILT 


DevOps Engineering on AWS (classroom)

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with AWS DevOps. AWS provides a set of flexible services designed to enable companies to more rapidly and reliably build and more.

Fees: RM5,400 –RM6,750
Duration: 3 days 
Mode: VILT, ILT 


In this e-book you will learn about: 

  • How to align training investments with business goals 
  • Develop targeted training and certification plan to bridge skills gap 
  • Embrace modern mindset to keep learning, building and innovating cloud skills 



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